During A Flood

Once you are ready to evacuate, make your way to a safe location via the Level Crossing or the Toll House Road (if not flooded). You will be informed as to where you need to go. Alternatively you can make arrangements with family or friends living nearby.

It may be quite difficult to receive updates on conditions in the village as officers from all organisations will have to prioritise their efforts.

Depending on the situation, updates may be provided at the designated ‘Rest Centre’, or a report on the situation may be made by the media – this can also include social media.

When there is no longer flooding expected in the village, Natural Resources Wales will issue a message to remove the warning. Depending on the situation, this could either be a ‘Flood Warning no longer in force’ or a ‘Severe Flood Warning no longer in force’ message.

It is important to realise that although the flood warning message may have been removed, floodwater may still be around for several days.

When it is safe to return to your property, extreme caution should be taken when entering due to the potential for structural damage, possible pollution, and likely damage to the electricity and/or gas supply.





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